Our natural environment and water resources are important elements of our natural heritage that need protection. Rational management of water resources is crucial for the sustainable development of societies, while surface and groundwater are considered renewable natural resources without similar substitute.

Global water resources are facing growing pressures from urbanisation, industrialisation and climate change and need sustainable management and protection. Today’s water managers and users face the challenge to balance the growing water needs. It is common responsibility to ensure efficiency and quality of water resources. According to the Water Framework Directive 60/2000/EU all European countries should protect their water resources following common strategies.

Sensin offers integrated environmental management for public authorities, public and private bodies and decision makers. Enhanced solutions are provided in the fields of hydrogeology, marine geology, marine ecology, environmental management and development. Using statistical, spatial and multi-criteria analysis, as well as innovative measuring systems and useful tools such as GIS, Sensin evolves in the field of environmental services.

Sensin’s integrated solutions include: (a) evaluation of the problem, (b) definition of crucial parameters according to environmental pressures and project’s special characteristics, (c) installation of monitoring station networks and (d) data transmission, processing and interpretation.