Surface & GroundWater

Sensin uses conventional measurement methods (point sensors) along with innovative distributed temperature systems (DTS), in order to succeed permanent qualitative and quantitative evaluation of surface and groundwater.

These sensing methods are used for surface and groundwater monitoring, by assessing their hydrological parameters. The methodological scheme encompasses: (a) permanent monitoring of ecosystems for the protection of temperature sensitive species, (b) interpretation of aquifers, (c) water level measurements to evaluate the quantity of water resources, (d) flow measurements through thermal maps and (e) surface-groundwater interactions.

Sensin provides integrated environmental assessment, focusing on the development of:

  • Telemetry systems, for real time monitoring;
  • Smart alarms, activated when values of critical parameters exceed safety limits; and
  • Web applications for information dissemination and visualization of the results.

Sensin’s integrated solutions for permanent real-time monitoring of hydrological parameters are considered to be a complete and powerful management tool.