Coastal & Marine Management

In the field of coastal and marine management, Sensin offers integrated solutions for the protection of coastal zone and marine environment, following EU directives, protocols and national laws. Sensin organize and implement surveys and studies giving emphasis to monitoring of qualitative and physical characteristics of marine and coastal water, detection of submarine groundwater discharges (SGD), monitoring methane gas emissions related to pockmark fields, identification and recording of marine pollution and coastal and marine management.

Sensin’s marine monitoring stations provide permanent real-time measurements. DTS systems and conventional point sensors are installed in order to record physical and chemical characteristics of the marine environment. Real time data transmission and interpretation is succeeded through the development of telemetry systems.

Sensin is developing mathematical models and GIS applications for marine data management and interpretation. State of the art equipment, scientific personnel with expertise in marine sciences and strategic collaborations with Universities and Institutions set Sensin in the markets of marine and coastal management.