Risk Assessment

Early detection, quantification and prediction of adverse environmental effects contribute to the promotion of environmental sustainability and safety of infrastructures and industrial facilities.

Sensin focuses on digital, real time monitoring of dams, pipeline networks, tanks & vessels, power cables and water bodies. Fibre Optic Distributed Temperature Systems (FO-DTS) and Distributed Temperature & Strain Systems (FO-DTSS) combined with conventional sensing systems and early warning alarms, offer accurate, continuous leak and hot spot detection.

FO-DTS is considered a state of the art technique with several applications:

  • Dam seepage detection, through temperature changes interpretation that differs from seasonal changes.
  • Small local seepage changes detection anywhere in the dam, by developing infrastructure’s thermal profiles.
  • Leak detection in pipeline networks through temperature changes along the network.
  • Hot spots detection into tanks and vessels, by developing tank’s thermal profiles.
  • Overheated power cables detection, through temperature measurements along the network.

FO-DTSS is a novel application for the detection of seepage and movement monitoring of dams.

Sensin’s early warning system provide the ability for action prior to failure, preventing environmental and human health risk.