Liquid and gas leak detection is crucial for safety of process plants. Digital leak detection related to process control is applicable to the monitoring of: Gas and liquid distribution, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) pipelines, Water pipelines, Industrial processes (plants and refineries). Potential leaks endanger the sustainability and safety of the aforementioned applications, causing delays in the production process and requiring expensive repair solutions.

Sensin is using Digital Leak Detection state of the art system, based on Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology. This novel system, which offers real-time, continuous, non-intrusive monitoring every 10 sec, can detect and pinpoint leaks of less than 1 lt within 1m. Smart alarms and real-time data transmission permit early detection and notification while the leak is still manageable. The 1m horizontal resolution of the detection system permits reduction of excavation cost and response time, in order to find and repair the leak. This advanced technology enhances systems integrity, through permanent and continuous monitoring distributed at all points along pipeline networks through a tailor made cable. The main advantage of continuous monitoring is reflected to the reduction of inspection time and personnel.

Sensin’s highly experienced personnel is designing, installing and commissioning effective leak detection systems. In order to succeed integrated monitoring, we offer tailor made sensing cables and integrated installation solutions.