Industrial applications, like LNG terminals, demand high safety standards and optimisation monitoring to prevent technological failure. Extreme cryogenic operating conditions along with high safety solutions are vital for LNG terminals in terms of gaining profit and maintaining personnel, environment and plant.

Sensin offers installation and commissioning of advanced Digital Leak Detection system based on FO-DTS technology with the advantage of minimizing failure risk during operation. The above monitoring system provides leak detection and location anywhere in the LNG terminal, within very short response time (10 sec). The DTS system is highly reliable and fully automated, using standard protocols and with low maintenance cost. The DTS system provides complete coverage of the entire terminal by using multiple cables. Therefore the system offers integrated monitoring and detailed thermal profiling for the LNG terminal. Sensin’s experienced personnel develop solutions for:

  • Loading and unloading pipelines
  • Storage tanks (monitoring the annulus)
  • Tank base monitoring
  • Spill channels and impounding basins

Digital cryogenic temperature monitoring is accomplished by providing numerous benefits and improving safety and productivity.