Plants and Refineries

Sensin is using advanced Digital Monitoring systems, based on DTS technology, which can produce detailed vessel profiles, detect and record erosion (whether is localised ore distributed) and quantify wall thickness and corrosion rates into the vessel. Vessels, tanks and pipelines’ thermal profiles provide operators with the ability to enhance production and operation time, while keeping pace with environmental and safety regulations. Early detection of hot or cold spots (depending on the process) initiates early actions in order to prevent accidents and minimise downtime for the plant.

With more than 30km of fibre optic cable, the DTS sensor can be installed according the costumers needs in order to cover the vessel and produce integrated thermal profile. Sensin is providing tailor-made optimum installation solutions. Multiple benefits result from these services, including evaluation, parameterisation, design, installation, integration and data interpretation. Sensin is offering a complete, highly sensitive and fully automated system which can:

  • enhance safety of infrastructure, personnel and environment;
  • pinpoint leaks down to 1m resolution;
  • reduce plant’s downtime and inspection time; and
  • interface with existing control systems.