Temperature assessment is considered to be the most reliable method for seepage detection in embankment dams. Fibre optic distributed temperature system (FO-DTS) is a state of the art technique for embankment dams’ monitoring. In Sweden, temperature assessment is considered a common technique for enhancing dam sustainability, while FO-DTS and FO-DTSS systems are widely used in embankment and concrete dams respectively.

Sensin installs FO-DTS systems to provide detection of the smallest amount of water movement across the dam. Sensin provides innovative dam monitoring solutions including:

  • Temperature changes detection with a sensitivity of down to 0.01˚C
  • Thermal profiles development
  • Installation and engineering design of sensing cable
  • Monitoring system installation and commissioning
  • Data processing and visualization software
  • Web application development for real-time data interpretation
  • Early-warning systems
  • Training and Know-how transfer