Cable Monitoring

Rational rating of medium and high voltage cables require knowledge of the environmental conditions (for example, thermal resistance of the ground, environmental temperature changes) and cable characteristics, as well as continuous real-time monitoring and dynamic thermal cable behavior measurements.

Sensin provides continuous real time power cable monitoring, using FO-DTS systems. The dynamic cable rating we offer includes state of the art DTS equipment, implementation and data processing software and alarm systems. The implementation software is a user-friendly thermal model of the network. Different algorithms are used depending on the environmental conditions, network and cable characteristics.

State of the art technology is used in the aforementioned applications in order to enhance network’s safety and performance. More specifically, Sensin installs monitoring and dynamic cable rating systems offering:

  • High resolution dynamic temperature measurements covering long distances
  • Temperature changes detection of less than 1°C, over 30km distance, in less than 1 minute
  • During peak loading conditions, the network can be run closer to the true cable ratings safely and with less risk of exceeding ratings