Data Management

Sensin focuses on data management and interpretation in order to provide integrated solutions. Data Management Division’s experienced personnel, specialises in data acquisition, processing and analysis, using and developing databases, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mathematical models.

Sensin use and develop mathematical models and in-house software to provide integrated one-stop solutions. Our services cover the entire process from data collection through to model development. Based on our fields of expertise we are capable of carrying out:

  • Marine pollution assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Surface and Groundwater management
  • Seepage monitoring in dams and pipeline networks
  • Dynamic cable rating

Sensin’s highly experienced team is also using globally accepted GIS focusing on the following applications:

  • WEB GIS development and implementation.
  • Thematic maps and charts production for analogue and digital data processing.
  • Spatial, suitability and predictive modelling for management and decision making.
  • Tailor-made scripts, in-house software and GIS bespoke applications development, to customise and facilitate our projects.
  • Databases and Geodatabases development